Having a sports car has always been a sign of success. The 21st century has seen the rise of supercars, and the competition in this market segment has been intense.

The challenge for supercar owners is having an auto repair expert in Dallas, Texas that can repair and maintain their high-performance vehicles.

Consumers are more demanding than ever, with technology advancing at a breakneck pace, the appetite for fresh designs and technological innovations have never been higher.

Lotus has just announced that they would be joining the “upper segment” of the market by launching a new supercar this year, 2020. This means that consumers are living in a time when choices for high-end sports cars are as vast as they have ever been.

Here are five supercars that are now available in the market today:

Bugatti Chiron Sport

The media went into a frenzy when the Chiron Sport was unveiled last March at the Geneva motor show The Chiron Sport has once more lived up to its reputation for leaving the competition far behind.

The French hypercar still boasts the same 1479 BHP as its 2017 model, but they have managed to shave off 40 pounds off its curb weight.

It has a “handling mode,” which is a new suspension setup that employs a damper control strategy with rear differential settings that gives its quad-turbo more freedom to run free.

Top speed is claimed to be at 420 Kph; the Chiron Sport comes with all the perks that come with a Bugatti. Interiors are matched to your taste with new sports stitching and adonized black finishes for its light clusters and switchgear.

Prices start at $3.67M.

Mclaren BP23 Hyper GT

Hyped up to be the fastest Mclaren ever made, the BP23 has been teased by the UK manufacturer through cryptic sketches and minor details to stir up interest until launch.

Top speeds of 390 Kph have been reported, and orders for the 106 supercars have already reached its limit. Delivery is expected to start in 2019.

Sketches have shown that the supercar has a new long-tail style and three-seat layout. The 106 people who placed an order have received a sculpture that shows how the BP23 will look like.

It is powered by a twin-turbo V8 with hybrid integration. Fans are excited to see the latest BP or bespoke project from Mclaren.

Ferrari 488 Pista

Orders are now open for Ferrari’s 488 variant, which is powered by the most powerful V8 engine in Maranello history.

It is powered by a 3.9-liter twin-turbo engine producing 711 BHP with a top speed of 339 Kph. The Pista is aimed at upping the ante with torque higher than every other 488 engine at all engine speeds.

You can expect a 20% boost in downforce, and it is the first Ferrari to have the new Dynamic Enhancer. This new software can adjust the brake pressure to improve handling. It is 90 kilograms lighter than standard 488’s, which is an amazing achievement for the Italian manufacturer.

Bennett Motor Werks is your professional and reliable auto repair expert for your Ferrari supercar.

Our team of expert auto mechanics have over 30 years of servicing all versions of Ferrari vehicles and are dedicated to constant factory training and education on the latest advancements we can find in each new Ferrari model.

We can service all makes and models of Ferrari including the California T, 458 Spider, LaFerrari, Portofino, F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast, GTC4Lusso, 488 Pista, SF90 Stradale, Roma, 488GTB, Purosangue, F12 Berlinetta, F430, FF, 599 GTB Fiorano.

Die-hard fanatics would tell you that there is nothing like the sound of a Ferrari engine, which is copied by other car brands but never equaled.

For the discerning Ferrari owner, you can’t just leave your investment to an unproven auto repair shop with no expertise with the Italian brand.

You spent a lot on your dream car, and now it’s time to keep your supercar in tip-top shape.

Prices start at $345,300. 

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder

The open-topped Spyder has the same 5.2-liter V10 engine as last year’s coupe.

With its forged carbon trim, it reaches a top speed of 325 Kph.

The Spyder also includes the Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva: its system that tapers downforce depending on requirements.

The soft folding top takes 17 seconds to stow, and its sleek design will lower drag for stability.

Price starts at $324,802.

Zenvo TSR-S

The Danish supercar company has given exclusivity for its latest model. If the Mclaren B23 had a 106 order limit, the Zenvo TSR-S has a six model order limit per year. 

This supercar is touted as the street car version of the TSR track car. It has a 5.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 with three settings: Minimum, IQ, and Maximum. 

IQ mode gives you a continuous monitor of the grip that adjusts power output.

Top speed is at 325 kph, and the new “centripetal wing” gives you added downforce to kill drag. This gives a flatter driving experience on side roads.

Prices are projected to be around $2M.

Professional Supercar Auto Repair Shop in Dallas, Texas

Bennett Motor Werks helps ensure that your Italian supercar is in the best condition at all times.

Supercars are our passion, so you can expect only the best level of car care and service from our trained mechanics. 

We only use certified and genuine OEM car parts for your Supercar to ensure the best performance, which is what you expect from your high-performance vehicle.

We also use the best fluids for lubrication and engine oils because your car deserves the best care.

Our maintenance and Supercar repair work include the following:

Finding the right auto repair expert helps you save thousands of dollars on repairs. 

As a supercar owner, you don’t have to worry anymore about being overcharged just because you own an expensive high-performance vehicle.

You wouldn’t want to leave your priceless vehicle with an auto repair expert that has no idea about your model and make.

At Bennett Motor Werks, we only use the latest diagnostic equipment and the best tools for all our supercar auto repair and maintenance services. 

European Supercars are our Passion at Bennett Motor Werks!

Get the best auto repair services for your Supercar at affordable rates.

Give us a call or visit our website to set an appointment today. Our friendly staff are ready to take your call and answer any questions you might have regarding your Supercar repair and maintenance needs.

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