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The Premier European Car Restoration Expert in Dallas, Texas

If you plan to restore European cars, you should partner with a Car restoration expert in Dallas, Texas, who has the same passion for your niche. Your German cars are not built to last forever, our car restoration services help breathe new life into your old worn down vehicle. At Bennet Motor Werks, we can transform a rusty wreck into an auto show head turner. You can keep your vintage car as a trophy or resell it at a higher price after restoration. If you love the classic European cars of old, visit our shop so we can discuss how to bring your dream car to life. Our team specializes in planning, research, and restoring your old car back to pristine condition. Whether you plan to join a car show to win awards or just go on a Sunday drive with your fully-restored vehicle we can help you achieve your goals.


At Bennett Motor Werks, we specialize in minor and full-blown restoration projects of top European brands like Audi, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Ferrari, and Mercedes.


We are famous for our love and knowledge about European cars, and we have been at it since 1989.


European cars are our passion, so you can trust us to know every detail about your car restoration project.


Our decades of experience in the industry with many projects under our belt makes us your top choice to complete your car restoration project from concept to finish.


As a bonus, we make our customers sleep well at night because they know that whatever happens to their restored European car, we have the expertise to maintain and repair it.


Once we take on a European car restoration task, we try to stick with OEM replacement parts whenever possible.


If new parts are not available, we can help you look for used parts that are in excellent condition sold by specialty shops on the net.


There are many aftermarket engine parts that you can add to your European car restoration project, like carburetors, exhaust systems, suspension systems, and cold air intakes.


The problem with making such additions is lowering the value of your European car. European classic vehicles, like any other car restoration project are considered more valuable if they are kept stock or use a higher percentage of original parts.

Professional European Car Restoration Shop
in Dallas, Texas

If you are in the Dallas area and you have a European car restoration project on the horizon, Bennett Motor Werks is your best bet in building your dream car.


We specialize in full restoration, custom fabrication, and painting. We can also perform smaller tasks, like mechanical repairs to partial bodywork, you can expect all tasks to be handled professionally.


We love restoring classic European cars, and we know everything about them from top to bottom.


From the interior, exterior, and mechanical restoration, we can bring back your European classic car back to life.


Attention to detail is what we are famous for when it comes to car restoration projects. Bolts are hidden from view, and you will only notice the excellent paint job on your European classic.


Our knowledge and passion for European cars are what sets us apart from other custom car restoration shops in Dallas, Texas.


We take great pleasure in helping you restore your vehicle to its original condition. If you require a “Show” standard restoration, we are up to the task.


We can also add modifications upon your request.


Make your vintage car run with modern vehicles in the 21st century.


Get in touch so we can start building your classic European car today!