Behind every reliable and safe Nissan vehicle is regular preventative maintenance. A well-maintained car will provide drivers years of driving pleasure. Most of all, it helps save you from possible costly repairs in the future. As a proud owner of a Nissan, you would want a dependable car. Here are helpful tips every Nissan mechanic would suggest.

Get your Oil and Filter Changed at the Set Intervals

The factory recommended oil and filter replacements are every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever is comes first. It also depends on the driving temperatures, condition, habits and the type of oil your vehicle uses. It is essential to follow the prescribed oil and filter replacement intervals to ensure your Nissan’s engine is well lubricated.

Oil is responsible for reducing the friction that causes wear and ensures the engine works smoothly. Maintain the correct levels of oil regularly. Its color and texture need to be inspected also. A brown and milky oil requires replacement at a trusted Nissan mechanic near you.

Check and Look After Your Tires

Always inspect your tires for any wear and tear, such as sidewall cracks and bubbles, and irregular tread wear. Check the tire’s tread depths and ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure. Ask your Nissan mechanic to rotate your tires regularly to ensure even tread wear and prolong their useful life.

Ensure Prescribed Replacements are Completed

Cooling system flush, drain and refill, windshield wipers, cooling belts and hoses, and fuel filter replacement are some of the required services for your Nissan. Ensure your technician performs the above-mentioned factory repairs at prescribed intervals. Your trusted Nissan mechanic will help you track the services your car requires.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Your Nissan will always be in its best condition when you follow the factory recommended maintenance guidelines in your owner’s manual. It’s necessary to bring your car to your trusted Nissan specialist capable of spotting minor issues before they turn into costly ones.

The benefit of doing the suggested intervals is that well-cared Nissan will also be less expensive for you and help minimize the chances of getting costly replacements and repairs. Always refer to your owner’s manual and warranty and familiarize it to ensure you know what maintenance schedule and intervals your Nissan requires.

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