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Need financing for your auto repair?

European cars need special care when it comes to auto repairs. At Bennett Motor Werks, we understand that auto issues come up when you least expect them. The budget may be tight and repair costs are high.

No need to worry, we now have financing options available to make it easier on the pocket.

Stay away from predatory “cash advance” loans that charge exorbitant rates.

Financial experts will advise you to avoid credit cards at all costs. But if you know how to use it responsibly, it can offer convenience and assistance, especially with auto repair emergencies.

Why take our offer for auto credit card financing?

Prioritize repairs that affect road safety
We understand the feeling when you need urgent repair, but you can’t shell out the money. The problem is, if you let your car’s issues go on for too long you may end up spending more on repairs.


Car problems that affect road safety, like brake issues, should be prioritized.


Bennett Motor Werks has partnered with a credit card company to help you get the auto repair financing you need.


You don’t need to risk your safety and that of your family anymore. Schedule an appointment today and get those brakes fixed.


Get those minor repairs and upgrades done.

Does your car need a minor dent fixed, or you may want to upgrade to snow tires for the winter? Our car financing facility can help you pay for that minor repair or upgrade that you always wanted to accomplish.


You can now drive out from our garage with your high-performance European vehicle back in top condition.


Work on Urgent repairs even when you don’t have the money.

There are car issues that may not affect road safety but letting the problem continue may make matters worse.


As a car owner, unpredictable vehicle repairs are a part of ownership. Transmissions fail, and alternators can breakdown.


If you are one of 49% of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck, these sudden repair costs can be a burden financially.


Choose payment options that fit your budget.
What are your options when faced with an emergency auto repair? Have you tried financing with your auto repair shop?

We have good news for you!

Bennett Motor Werks has an auto financing program that lets you pay in easy installments and low-interest rates.


You can also avail of special offers not available with traditional bank credit cards.


Instead of dipping into your children’s education fund, you can finance your car repairs and make easy monthly payments over time.


Imagine a $1,500 charge for transmission repair that can be spread out, in 24 months and costing as little as $69.

How it works

Apply for a credit card with our partner provider You don’t have to wait for long for car repair financing. You can get quick approval when you apply for a credit card with our partner institution.

Drop by the auto shop and get repairs done Once your credit card application is approved, you can now drop by the shop to get those long-overdue repairs done.

List all major and minor repairs that you may have overlooked in the past due to budget constraints.

Settle using your desired payment option
Choose from the payment options offered by the credit card company. There are flexible payment options available that can finance almost all services, from windshield replacements to replacing OEM parts.


You can coordinate with us about payment plans that lump all the work, products, and services into one.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for an Auto Repair Credit Card at Bennett Motor Werks today! Now you can have the buying power whenever car repair emergencies strike.

If your car is no longer under warranty or extended warranty, car repair costs can go through the roof.


Applying for an auto repair credit card can provide financial assistance and make auto repairs more manageable.


Many individuals don’t apply for credit cards for fear of being declined.

At Bennett Motor Werks, you are given generous credit limits and easy approval for every application.


You can also benefit from special promotional financing options on qualifying purchases.


Credit cards are a tool of convenience, and they can also protect you against fraud and bogus repairs. If you know how to use them responsibly, you will surely benefit from having them, especially when it comes to auto repairs.


Don’t sacrifice road safety or vehicle performance ever again. Send us a message or give us a call to know more about our auto credit card program.