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Smooth Out Your Drive: Expert Wheel Balancing for Rough Steering


Have you ever encountered a shaky, rough ride while driving your car? Maybe you feel a slight vibration in your steering wheel. You might feel something strange with your car seeming to drift to one side of the road. If so, you might be dealing with an issue called rough steering.

There are various reasons why you might encounter rough steering, but one common culprit is wheel balancing. The weight of each wheel is distributed evenly around the axle so that there are no heavy spots that can lead your car to vibrate or shake. When your wheels are not balanced, it can result in various issues, from uneven tire wear to lessened fuel efficiency. Having a hard time with your rough steering? It may be time to find a reliable wheel balancing expert for your rough steering problem. Keep reading to learn how wheel balancing can help you fix your rough steering problem.

Common Causes of Rough Steering and How to Fix Them

Rough steering is a frequent issue that many drivers face while on the road. It can be the reason for various problems. It involves wheel balancing, alignment problems, worn-out suspension parts, and more. A frequent problem of rough steering is wheel balancing. It can lead your car to vibrate or tremble. To repair this problem, you will need to get your wheels balanced by an expert wheel balancing. This includes using a special machine to determine any heavy spots on your wheels and then adding small weights to balance them out.

Another reason for rough steering is alignment issues and improper tire pressure, especially deflated tires. Uneven tire tread leads to misalignment of the wheels, causing the car to pull to one side while driving or turning. Another cause could be a damaged steering rack, which gets damaged over time due to everyday driving. A broken serpentine belt is also a common cause of stiff steering and can lead to the steering wheel becoming completely unusable if not repaired or replaced on time.

Lastly, worn-out suspension components can also cause rough steering. Your car’s suspension system is responsible for absorbing bumps and keeping your car stable while driving. If your suspension components are worn out, it can cause your car to bounce and vibrate while on the road. If you want to fix this issue, change any worn-out suspension parts, like shocks, struts, or bushings. This is a more complex fix that should be done by a professional mechanic.

Smooth Sailing: Tips for Preventing Rough Steering with Proper Wheel Balancing

If you are having rough steering, there are some ways to prevent this issue. First, check the air pressure of all your tires. Proper air pressure can avoid stiff steering, so make sure all your tires are filled with equal air. Another solution is to check the power steering fluid level and condition. You can find the power steering fluid in a cylindrical reservoir labeled clearly, located near the power-steering belt. Inadequate fluid levels and old, dark fluid can cause stiff steering. Keep the fluid at the accurate full level and change it if the color is too dark and old. In addition, inspecting the pulley on the power steering unit is essential to make sure the correct tension and that the pulley belt is in good shape with no cracks or frayed edges. If you see that the belt is slipping, you can face stiff and erratic steering. Finally, check for any fluid leaks in the power steering unit, as a leak from connecting pressure hoses can decrease pressure and cause hard steering.

Lastly, be mindful of your driving habits. Potholes, hitting curbs, and other rough driving conditions can cause damage to your wheels and throw them out of balance. Try to avoid rough driving conditions as much as possible, and if you can’t avoid them, be sure to have your wheels checked for balance and alignment afterward. Additionally, avoid overloading your car with heavy cargo, which can cause uneven weight distribution and affect your wheel balance. 

Proper wheel balancing is crucial for maintaining a smooth and safe driving experience. It ensures that the weight of each wheel is evenly distributed, preventing vibrations and rough steering, and can also improve fuel efficiency, extend tire life, and provide better handling and control. Neglecting wheel balancing can lead to uneven tire wear, steering issues, and even accidents, making it a crucial maintenance task that should not be overlooked. By ensuring that your wheels are properly balanced, you can enjoy having a safe and reliable vehicle. 

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Partnering with Bennett Motor Werks for Rough Steering Solutions

Looking for a trusted partner to assist you with rough steering issues? Look no further than Bennett Motor Werks in Dallas, TX. Our experienced technicians specialize in wheel balancing services that will help prevent uneven tire wear, rough steering, and other handling issues. With our latest equipment and top-quality service, we can quickly inspect and repair any wheel balancing problems, ensuring that your car is working smoothly and safely on the road.


Proper wheel balancing is crucial for maintaining a smooth and safe driving experience, preventing uneven tire wear, rough steering, and other handling issues. Partner with Bennett Motor Werks in Dallas, TX, for reliable wheel balancing services using state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians. To solve your worries about the safety and performance of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today at and enjoy a smoother, safer driving experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (972) 437-4216 to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait; ensure your wheels are properly balanced for a smoother, safer ride on the road.