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The Best Mechanics in Dallas, TX for European SUVs


The Best Mechanics in Dallas, TX for European SUVs

Owning one of the top European mid-size SUVs can be quite a challenge due to repair and maintenance needs. Today’s SUV owners are looking for the Best Mechanics in Dallas, Texas, for their Mid-sized European SUV.

Many European brands claim that they make the best mid-size SUV in the market today. Competition is fierce in this segment, and we share one of the best brands that plan to dominate the market.

If you are in the market for a high-riding but spacious European SUV, the latest BMW X5 is one of the best choices you can buy right now.

The Latest BMW X5 Mid-Sized SUV for the Avid BMW Fan

The 2019 BMW X5 is known as the first luxury crossover vehicle that delivers a premium car-like experience. The X5 is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to date, it has sold over 2 million units globally.

BMW wants to reclaim the lead from the only real competitor in the segment, the Mercedes GLE, which has beaten the X5 in sales for the past two years.

The third generation, 2014 X5, was built on a reworked chassis from the second generation 2007 X5. The fourth-gen 2019 X5 will be made from scratch.

It rides on the SUV version of BMW’s Cluster Architecture, similar to the X3 and X7.

To get the best performance out of your BMW X5, you need to partner with the best mechanics in Dallas, Texas that specialize in European cars.


The redesign starts with simpler surfacing with a focus on vertical and horizontal lines, which gives a meaner look because of it. Two sharper spines crease the hood, which results in more pronounced edges. A large monochrome grille covering active shutters dominates a large but flatter face. For the headlight housings, the X5 chooses partial hexagons over the round light rings.

The mean front face looks like an SUV that has no intention of moving out of your way. A shoulder line runs from the top edge of the taillight, across the hanches, through the rear handle, then goes down with an S-shaped bend below the front door handles to complete its run behind the front wheel arch.

The rearview features a two-piece tailgate, which is a holdover from owning the Range Rover. The top and bottom, however, features full electric closure. 3D LED taillights have raised and stretched U-shaped outer edges that enclose inset centers.

Exhaust finishers go flush with the bumper instead of poking out through it.


The instrument panel is similar to the shape of the X7. The X7, however, has more expensive decor and materials that differentiate the two.

The X5 shares some of the features from the X7 like a frameless rearview mirror, the same steering wheel, and front seats, and a display key that can be charged wirelessly in a pocket at the center console.

The control panel at the center has been redesigned with crystal surfacing on the iDrive knob and a different position for the On/Off button. Thin pipes of ambient lighting highlight the center tunnel, instrument panel, and doors.

The X5 has an option to include a panoramic roof that will let the sun shine through. Stars can also be shown with the added option of Sky Lounge LED lighting. Comfort glass will be available for the X5.


New tech enhancements include a new iDrive 7.0, with over the air updates and displaying a 12.3-inch screen. Touch and voice controls are included, while gesture control is an option.

Harman Kardon supplies the base level sound system while Bowers and Wilkins provide the top option with a Diamond Plus system that outputs 1,800 watts of 3D sound.

A new but optional driver assist feature can monitor your attention and fatigue. A hidden camera tucked in a small housing at the top of the gauge cluster keeps watching over the driver. If it detects the eyes of the driver not looking at the road for an amount of time or sees that the eyes are closed, the system will sound an audible alert. If the driver does not respond to the lighted and audible warnings, the X5 will pull over and come to a stop.

There is a feature that will also let alert drivers take their hands off the steering wheel for 30 seconds at lower speeds or 7 seconds for highway speeds.

The third-row option is still available but not during the launch. Those who want a third row will have to wait for four months after the launch date.

The cargo area is still at 35.8 cubic feet but has tweaks for more convenience. They have removed the current fiddly cargo cover that must be removed and stored someplace else. The new all-electric cargo cover extends and retracts at the push of a button.

Rubber anti-slip rails are found on the load floor. Press a button on the side, and the rubber rails raise a few millimeters to hold cargo in place.


The 3.0-liter inline-six and eight-cylinder gas engines get a boost in power. The six-cylinder engine gains 20 more horsepower. The 4.4 liter V8 makes 456 HP.

BMW diesel fans may not get the diesel version in the U.S. Global markets will retain the two types of diesel and the xDrive40e plug-in hybrid.

Shifting comes from the same eight-speed ZF tranny found in the X7.

Bennett Motor Werks has the Best Mechanics for Top Mid-Size European SUVs

The market for Mid-Size SUVs has been growing steadily in recent years. Midsize SUVs offer more passenger and cargo space compared to compact SUVs without the large footprint of a full-sized SUV.

Bennett Motor Werks has the best mechanics in Dallas, Texas, that can perform repair and maintenance for your European SUV.

We have over 30 years of experience servicing the top European SUVs like the BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Volkswagen Atlas, and the Volvo XC90.

Our team of auto experts uses only the latest diagnostic equipment for accurate diagnosis of car repair issues.

Today’s midsized European SUVs are run by computers, which can make diagnosis very challenging for newbie auto repair shops.

It is common for inexperienced auto mechanics to make the wrong diagnosis, leading to repairs that do not solve the real problems.

At Bennett Motor Werks, we have the best mechanics who can repair your European SUV correctly the first time around. We don’t play the guessing game when it comes to vehicle diagnostics.

We can service all makes and brands, but European brands are our passion and specialty.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website to schedule an appointment today. Our friendly staff is eager to take your call and answer all questions you may have about the best mechanics in Dallas, Texas, for your European SUV.

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