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When To Get a BMW Wheel Alignment


BMW Wheel Alignment

It’s important to make sure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned. It ensures that your car drives a straight line when you’re on the road. Not only that, it helps keep your vehicle in good condition. Poor wheel alignment can lead to various auto problems that can negatively impact your car’s overall handling.
If you’re using your vehicle on off-road tracks more often than just a regular commute within the city, then you’ll need more frequent alignment. So when should you get a wheel alignment?

Here are the common signs that your vehicle needs a BMW wheel alignment.

Uneven Steering Wheel

Your car’s steering wheel should remain straight and at the center when you’re driving on a flat and straight road. How do you know if your steering wheel is off-center?

Find the logo at the center of your steering wheel. The steering wheel is centered if the logo remains level while you’re driving straight. Your car’s steering wheel is uneven if the logo tips a few degrees off the center in any direction. If it’s off center, you should get a BMW wheel alignment right away. Once that’s done, the steering wheel will no longer go off-center and your car will be easier to control.

Pulling To One Side

Another sign that you need a BMW wheel alignment is if your vehicle pulls you to one side when you’re driving in a straight line. Check this by taking off your hands off the steering wheel and letting it guide itself on the road. If your car drifts or swerves towards one side then your vehicle isn’t properly aligned. Put your hands back on the steering wheel and take back control of your car.

Ignoring this problem will cause you a lot of problems. You’ll find it hard to drive straight. If you fail to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, you may end up crossing over into the other lanes. You should take your car to an auto mechanic right away before you get into an accident.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

An improper alignment will also cause your steering wheel to vibrate or worse, the entire car will vibrate, which you and your passengers will feel. It’s best to have your car checked and fixed before the problem becomes a major and expensive issue.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your car may be trying to tell you something if the treads on certain tires are wearing out quicker than the others. It’s possible that these wheels have been misaligned, so make sure to check them sooner rather than later with a professional auto mechanic who specializes in BMW wheel alignment.

You can check if the tires are wearing unevenly. Inspect the tread and measure the depth on each tire. You’ll find varying rubber depth on the tires if the wheel is misaligned.

Squealing Tires

Another indication that the wheel is misaligned is when you hire squealing on the tires when you make a turn or step on the accelerator. Aside from a misalignment, it may also be caused by worn-out brake pads. It’s better to have it inspected by a professional to determine what’s really causing the problem.

Loose Handling

Does your steering feel unstable or a bit loose? If so, then it may be caused by poor wheel alignment. Loose handling means you need to make small corrections because the car doesn’t go straight and the wheel feels wobbly. Hire the help of an expert who specializes in BMW wheel alignment.

How Often Should You Get A Wheel Alignment

Generally speaking, it’s best to have a BMW wheel alignment every 6,000 miles or when you notice any of the signs of misalignment listed above. But, how often your car needs wheel alignment depends on many factors. You’ll have to consider how you drive and the conditions of the roads that you often drive in.
You should keep in mind that bad roads may also be the cause of misalignment. If you constantly drive on roads that are poorly maintained, and filled with potholes, or if you always hit a curb, then you may eventually have problems with the wheel alignment. It’s best to have your vehicle checked by an experienced auto technician.

Benefits Of A Wheel Alignment

A BMW wheel alignment offers several benefits. It promotes optimal drivability. It helps make sure that the tires last longer, keep your driving experience smoother and more efficient, and your steering wheel is pointed in the correct direction. If you notice signs of misalignment, it’s better to leave the wheel alignment to a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Key Takeaways

You will experience uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even potentially dangerous issues when your car is misaligned. From premature tire wear to reduced fuel economy, it’s crucial to make sure that your vehicle is properly aligned. Here are a few tips you need to remember.

Tip #1: Know the most common signs of a misaligned wheel. These include squealing tires, uneven tire wear, vibrating or uneven steering wheels, loose steering, pulling or drifting.

Tip #2: Bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment every 6,000 miles or if you notice any of these red flags. Resist the temptation of doing it yourself. It’s best to leave the BMW wheel alignment to the pros.

Tip #3: A car that’s properly aligned offers several benefits, such as improved vehicle performance, better fuel economy, safe driving, and more.

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