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4 Auto Maintenance Tips by Car Mechanics Dallas TX


4 Auto Maintenance Tips by Car Mechanics Dallas TX

We know your vehicle is a prized investment that you want to keep reliable and durable for a long time. That is why we asked our professional mechanics in Dallas TX, for advice.

They imparted five smart, doable, but often-overlooked tips for taking care of your car. Doing these will not only keep your vehicle in top shape, but they will also save you money in the long run.

1. Call Car Mechanics Dallas TX ASAP If:

There’s an Engine Noise

Listen to your vehicle. Regardless of type or manufacturer, your engine should produce a familiar, consistent hum as you drive along the highways. If you hear clunking noises – particularly loud knocking ones, call an expert car mechanic Dallas TX immediately. 

Continued use of your car in this condition can result in irreversible engine damages. Your auto engine possibly has faulty crankshaft bearings or loose metal parts hammering against each other. In some cases, the noises may be coming from the transmission. To prevent the auto engine from seizing, you should seek a repair service urgently.

Call Car Mechanics Dallas TX if there’s Tire Noise

Besides engine noises, the tires can tell you a lot about a vehicle’s condition. Check whether your tires have cracks, damages, or uneven wear at least once a month. These may indicate that the car needs alignment and repair services from a mechanic.

Keeping the recommended tire pressure is essential too. Driving with over or under-inflated tires can significantly increase wear and tear accumulation and shorten the lifespan of your vehicle.

2. Check the status of essential fluids once a month.

Many drivers often forget to do this. People often dismiss the role of special fluids as minuscule, but failing to service or replace them on time can result in poor performance, damages on car parts, and low gas mileage.

Regularly check the level and condition of your engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. In particular, the brake fluid’s condition significantly influences your ability to stop the vehicle safely.

3. Drive more gently along highways.

Even if you have a powerful vehicle, it is best to avoid treating it as a race car only to see what it can do. Practice the habit of completely stopping before reversing, and avoid slamming on the brakes. Lastly, pay more attention to California roads to avoid potholes when driving, and avoid towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads.

4. Trust only Licensed Professional Mechanics 

If you have any auto repair or maintenance concerns, it is best to consult with certified technicians. For example, certifications from the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) do not exist solely for advertising. They signify that the mechanics have passed qualification exams, and they regularly receive training in using the latest technologies for auto repair.

Don’t wait to experience any issues on your car. Stay safe on the road and call Bennett Motor Werks today and schedule a maintenance or checkup!

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